Vip Rewards

CD-Keys & Cards Member Points Deal
US-WOW Battlechest Key 1000 Exchange
EU-WOW Battlechest Key 800 Exchange
US-WOW 60-Days Pre-Paid Game Card 1700 Exchange
EU-WOW 60-Days Pre-Paid Game Card 1700 Exchange
US-WOW Legion Key 3500 Exchange
EU-WOW Legion Key 3500 Exchange
Diablo 3 Standard Edition 1800 Exchange
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Standard 1900 Exchange
Guild Wars 2 Standard Edition 1900 Exchange
SWTOR 60-day pre-paid game time card 1700 Exchange
Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition 1900 Exchange
Elder Scrolls Online 60 Days game time 1900 Exchange
US-Final Fantasy XIV Standard Edition 1500 Exchange
EU-Final Fantasy XIV Standard Edition 1500 Exchange
Runescape 30 days Membership 700 Exchange

What's this ?

Vip reward is our unique program that aims to reward our loyal customers.You are entitled as our VIP member from the first time you sell gold to us.
By selling to us ,you will not only get fair price but also gain vip points which can be redeemed for free game cards and CD-keys(listed above).

The more you sell,the faster your points grow and more free keys you earn. Based on the member points earned,you will be moved to 4 different vip levels that offer different levels of rewards:


VIP Level Points Required Extra Points Rate Rewarded
Bronze 1000 10%
Silver 1500 15%
Gold 2000 20%
Platinum 3000 25%


 How it works:
1)  Register as a member of gold4key
2)  Place order on our website each time you sell gold or trade for key
3)  Points will be credited to your member account automatically once order complete
4)  Choose the free keys you like when you have sufficient points and place exchanging order
5)  Contact our live support to claim your keys at your convenience


Updates for point exchang rate:

Due to the recent increase of trading amounts and decline of profit,we made some changes to the member points exchange rate .Following is the details of the updates for games supported member points :



WOW 1/6K

ESO 1/15k

WildStar 1/250g

GW2 1/30g

FF14 1/500K

RS3 1/6M

RS07 1/1M

SWTOR 1/500K

EVE 1/250M

AION 1/35M

ArcheAge 1/100G

 POE 1/4 EX

Sell your Wow gold to us, get free cd key