Things you should know before selling to us

1. There are no best price servers since price of gold keeps changing depending on real-time demand and supply.


2.We don't have a price list on our website nor in our data base , The price llisted on our site is just a scale which doesn't mean much. so if you want to enquiry ,please always check with our online customer support team .


3.Operators might be busy dealing with multiple sellers at the same time so they may not be able to answer you very efficiently.We sincerely apolozie for the inconvenience and your patience will be really appeciated.


4.Price of gold might be low sometimes ,but instead of being sad ,please feel free to check with us from time to time ,.Surprise happens


5.Ladies in our live suport team aren't all hardcore players like you,in fact most of them don't play much games .so be specific about what you are selling will make things easier .


6.Payment methods we support currently : paypal,webmoney,moneybookers,westernunion,moneygram (24 hours),perfect money,and payza. Paypal is the default payment option so all price offered is based on paypal rates.If you would like to get paid other than paypal,please inform us before trading.We reserve the right to change the price if you didn't mention your payment method at the first place.


7.We do not cover paypal fees . Paypal charges fee to receive payment on most countries, so you will get a little bit less in your paypal account than the price we offer .


8.Instead of arguing, it's best for you to listen to the instuctions of our customer support team when selling to us.Cuz it's really out of our control sometimes.Things would be much easier that way.But of couse you can choose not to sell .


9.Taking screenshots/video off trading process in game is always recommended for a secure transaction .


10.We will never trade you first in game.So do not trade with anyone until we give you the right name.It's recommended for you to just copy and paste the name. If you can't be sure,please do check with our support before you click trade.You never know when scammers come between the way .


11.We will not PM you in-game while trading.So do not answer or disclose any of your information ,and do not talk to us as in-game as well.If you have questions ,always contact our live support.


12.Once the transaction is done, we can not return the gold back to you. So be wise before selling . And we will never ask you to return the gold(when swapping gold) once it's delivered.Just ignore it if anyone does so ,even it's the one who gave you the gold.


13.For the safety of your wow account ,it's best for you to use a toon instead of your main to trade with us.And delete the trading character after transactions.


14.Always be aware of imposters of our site. Do not trust anyone other than the contact ways listed on our site. And when adding to us as your friend, always check if you got the right USERNAME.Read http://www.gold4key.com/default/news-view/id/704.html  for more information.


15.Selling virtual game currency is against the rules in game so be aware of the risk that it might cause account closure.We are not responsible for anything happens to your account after transactions.


16.Gold4key aims to provide a safe and secure trading environment for enterprising individuals to sell their excess ingame currency.To promote a safe, fair and competitive gaming environment, we do not encourage the use of bots, hacks, illegal macros, third party programs, illegal advertising and unethical behaviour in game.