Dear all ,


From time to time,there are imposters trying to use similar contact information or even similar websites to scam people under gold4key's name.


They will offer a sweet price for you, they wil tell you member points system also works, and they can also show their reputation posts on forums (which they just copied the links on our site).


And they will forward you to us after they got what they want then disappear.In fact , there were people who had already been deceived by their tricks.


They are not the first one who use the same trick and they won't be the last one .


This is not the first time we try to warn our customers but we want to make things clear once again:


We have but one domain which is gold4key.com.


Thus ,it's a scam if any website claims they are part or will be part of us.


It's a scam if anyone uses the contact information apart from our website to try to make a deal under gold4key's name.


We have nothing to do with those scams and we will not be responsible for anything in this matter.


To contact us ,please use our live support :






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