Guild Wars 2 expansion : Heart of Thorns to Launch October 23rd


ArenaNet announced on tweet that Guild Wars 2 expansion  : Heart of Thorns will be Launching on October 23rd,2015.


The game editions cost from $49.99 to 99.99.


The Heart of Thorns expansion fetures: 


" Raids are coming! They’ll be a big part of our live content strategy for Heart of Thorns. This is the challenging group content that our skilled players have been waiting for—deadly encounters and epic bosses that will test your team’s skill and coordination and give you a chance to earn legendary rewards. 


Today we’re making the core Guild Wars 2 game free for everyone. With Heart of Thorns coming, it was already a great time to invite friends and guild members into the game, and now it’s an even better one. We want to make it easy for new players to try the game because we believe that players who love Guild Wars 2 will buy Heart of Thorns. Read all the details here.


We’re starting the final countdown to launch, and we’ve finally answered the one question we get asked more than any other: when is Heart of Thorns coming? We’re happy to say that it’s less than two months away. Heart of Thorns will launch Friday, October 23!  "



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