Path of Exile second major update: Forsaken Masters expansion set to be released on August 20th

The Path of Exile site has been updated with the news of the next major content expansion. Called "Forsaken Masters", the new content offers players the chance to train with these Forsaken Masters, each with their own missions and rewards. 
That's not all the update will offer when it goes live, though. Players will be able to craft their own customized hideouts upon reaching enough reputation with a given Master, allowing them to craft their own little town. There are also new items, revamped passive skills, rebalances of existing content, and new challenge leagues to enjoy. Players will be able to start taking on these new adventures when the update drops on August 20th. Then you can start really being the best around.

More details can be found here : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/985043/page/1


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