Jagex launchs Legacy Mode for Runescape

RuneScape players can now enjoy the modern, updated game with traditional combat. Legacy mode was developed in direct conjunction with player feedback and is a feature that can be toggled on or off according to a player's wishes.

Legacy Mode Launch, Global Combat Improvements and Gear Guide


At the beginning of the year we started the Power to the Players initiative, and in the last six months the RuneScape community has used it to shape the game in over 50 polls.


Today brings the biggest player-driven releases so far: the launch of Legacy Mode and return of the 138 combat formula.


This year, we vowed to work with the community on making Evolution of Combat the best it can be, as well as finding an alternative for players who preferred things as they used to be. Our aim has been to allow all types of players to enjoy combat their way, and to have them able to play side-by-side.


Read on to find out the details of Legacy Mode and the many other combat improvements - available in-game now.


Legacy Mode


Legacy Mode is an optional setting which allows you to play the modern game, but with traditional interfaces and old-style combat, without the need to learn the new Evolution of Combat system.


Legacy Mode can be turned on or off in either the Game Settings or Powers - Combat Settings interfaces, and when activated enables the following features:


No abilities, with auto-attack damage scaled up

Pre-RuneScape 3-style interfaces, both resizable and fixed

Old-style combat animations and stances

Old-style minimap icons

Health and damage visually scaled down (e.g. 9900 life points in EoC becomes 990 in Legacy)


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