Lineage II's next expansion Valiance announced


NCsoft has just announced Valiance, a new content expansion for Lineage II set for launch at some point before the end of the year. According to the company, the new content includes a storyline that "wreaks havoc across the lands" and brings big mechanics changes and skill updates.

A few highlights coming with Valiance include: 

  • Updated Zone – Hellbound returns with upgraded areas and new hunting parties
  • Skill System – Along with more than 25 new skills added to the game, players will find that a large number of skills have been improved and/or modified. Along with that, the entire Skill System has undergone a major overhaul
  • Abilities – New to Lineage II, an abilities system allows players customize their skills, making them more powerful and effective
  • Returning Raid Bosses – Some popular bosses from Lineage II’s past will return to the world of Aden