Is Wow still the best MMO with the subscribers going down

 WoW Down to 7.7 Million Subscribers

Activision Blizzard's press release states that World of Warcraft is down to 7.7 million subscribers. This is a loss of 600,000 subscribers, down from 8.3 million last quarter. A call about the shares purchase will take place on July 26 at 8:30 AM ET, so check back then for any more comments on subscriber numbers. The regular earnings call will take place on Thursday, August 2nd.

What people say about that ?


"Nothing ever grows forever. Everything has it's own rise and fall. Not sure why people are surprised.

Oh, ps, stop saying the game is dying. The game will only die when Blizzard pulls the plug. You will STILL have people playing to the very end. Take a look at Everquest. "


"This game is old. Old subscription games generally don't attract as much attention due to stale graphics. I really think there isn't much WoW can do except keep its current player base happy, hope they bring in friends, and attract ex-players into coming back for expansions. 


I didn't stop playing after 6 years because Blizzard made bad decisions - that doesn't even matter really, the game was never perfect (Not in Vanilla, not in BC, not in WotLK....). I stopped playing because I grew up. This is not me saying that WoW is only for immature people, rather I now have a wife and infant, became a lead SW designer at a science company, and cannot find time (or energy!) to keep up with hard core raiding. I truly believe many of WoW's subscription losses are for this reason. Heck, I even came back to PandaLand for 3 months and basically got as far as I could in casual content (pet master, leveled all reps, got all mounts without ridiculously low drop rates, etc.).


Lets not pretend WoW wasn't (and isn't) a great game. IMO, it still is one of the most successful entertainment items of all time."


"That's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Looks like it will probably even out eventually though I'm sure they're gonna get a really big bump as soon as 5.4 comes out. This is to be expected though since it's basically a month or so until next patch. I know I was getting a little bored until I decided to level some alts and start gearing some others.

"Well it is normal that Blizz looses subs, nowdays players have a lot of choices which game they want to play. This is not 2004 where there were like 4-5 serious MMOs on the market that WoW had to compete with. The time goes by and every quarter WoW will loose some of the subs, we have couple of big MMOs coming this and next year (Wildstar, TESO, ArchAge) and World of Darkness in 2015. Also ppl are getting used to new payment models, f2p and b2p and they refuse to pay monthly fee AND paying for expansions. I expect that at the end of 2014 WoW subs will lower to like 4-5 milion(firstly it will rise due to expansion if they release it next year, but then it will fall down hard like MoP), it still will be the biggest MMO on the market.
This is probably the one and only MMO that have been operating for over 8 years with subs counted in milions, event TITAN project will not get so much subs, just because the market is different now than in 2004. Blizzard did a fantastic job, maybe i hate recent expansion and i don't play WoW anymore, but the memories and nostaliga will never leave me."
"I don't give the number of people playing the game much weight. If I enjoy the game, I'm going to play it regardless of 50 subs or 5 million. Couldn't care less. It's an old game, there's more competition for sub money and there's competition from Free-to-plays. It's not a surprise that numbers are going down and the days of 12 million are likely to return. Still just doesn't matter one bit.
"This is about the same number of subs the game had during the first few months of The Burning Crusade.
I guess 10-man raiding, LFR, heirlooms and a ridiculously easy catch-up system isn't enough to keep people playing. Perhaps we should go back to the TBC/Wrath model, when the game was growing exponentially.
Oh, the investors will not be happy about this. They will start to panic and if Blizzard has even the slightest inclination to go to a free-to-play model, subscription losses like this and the ones from last quarter will only make it seem more profitable to those greedy shareholders than sticking with the sub model. Especially when you've got companies like EA boasting about their artificially inflated number of players who flooded back to SWTOR after it went F2P.
I love World of Warcraft and do not wish to see it go F2P. But, once that happens, the passion (what little left there is) will be completely gone and the death of the tried and true original MMO model will be sealed for good.“


 ”Always interesting how many game industry experts come out of the woodwork on posts like this. It is a bit weird to see the subs so low, but over the years I've noticed that sub numbers go up or down based on whether *I* am playing. Therefore, Blizzard should work hard to earn *my* favor. Silliness aside, I do feel like something of an individual representative of the population Blizzard is trying to court, on both sides of the coin: Hardcore and Casual at the same time.

The fact is that Blizzard's rise to fame came at a time when there just wasn't as much on the market. Now? Any game with a big market share better know its days are numbered, because the truth is many players just aren't invested in anything the same way. Why would we be?

 I'm high on my red wine so, to bore you to death (though it's part of my point), here's my current game roster: My big hours and multiplayer time are in Firefall's beta. Some nights I jump into Planetside 2 because I just love the scale of it all. I play Neverwinter (which is awful) for ~10 minutes/day because I like the professions. I occasionally play Towns (mediocre Dwarf Fortress clone on Steam) because I hate myself. When I feel ambitious I work on getting through the various Dragon Age DLC/sequels, or similar Mass Effect. I sometimes play Minecraft, Diablo 3, Monaco, Torchlight 2, Payday, Civ 5, Fallen Enchantress, and a dozen other games.

 My point? Why would I play WoW? How much content can Pandaria offer? I played it a bit, thought it was solid, but... why pay $15/month for it? I've been through the raiding song and dance so many times. I've geared up in heroics and PVP so many times. I've leveled so many times. I've done all this with alts so many times. I've spent hour after hour building spreadsheets to figure out some new feature, poking at EJ to see whether my numbers are right. I've done it all a thousand times (probably more like 4-6 times, considering number of xpacs): Why would I do it again?

 This is what every post-WoW MMO is failing at. Why do I care about doing 15/20/25/whatever-man raids? The same mechanics, the same character development, the same stories FFS.

 Free to play isn't the problem. Catering to casuals isn't the problem. Quality of design isn't the problem, talent changes aren't the problem, lack of change or too much change aren't the problem. It's just that Blizz can't innovate away from WoW while trying to court the population that does still enjoy it. It was always going to happen, now it's happening, BFD.

 Source: I am a game dev. I spend more hours reading industry post-mortems each week than most in this thread do playing WoW. I'm probably still wrong; nobody knows anything anymore and we'll never have true experts again. C'est la singularité. 

 Cheers, and long live WoW. The devs have worked hard, and it's been fun to watch usurpers try and fail, year after year. I hope I get to enjoy it a bit longer. "