Is in-game store coming to WOW ?

Bashiok over on the official WoW forums confirmed that an in-game store was indeed in the works. The current plan is to roll out this XP boosting elixir, as well as a way to gain Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, first in the Asian market. There is no indication if any other markets will see these items. However, that’s not to say that other convenience items or cosmetic upgrades couldn’t find their way into a new in-game store. As mentioned in Bashiok's post, this new store has the potential to also stock the mounts and pets that are currently available on the battle.net store. Even if all we see in this new store is mounts and pets, it would make things much easier for potential buyers as they wouldn’t need to leave the client to make a purchase.


Obviously though the idea of microtransactions coming to WoW raises several questions about what we can expect to see and how it could potentially alter the way we play and perceive the game. Assuming that Blizzard - and I imagine they would never - avoids a “pay-to-win” scenario, what would you find acceptable in an in-game store?