RuneScape 3 News & Updates


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RuneScape 3 is a large collection of features Jagex is currently working on, including improved graphics and audio, customizable interfaces and much more. Contrary to popular belief, RuneScape 3 has been confirmed to be one single, massive update, not a series of content updates that will be added over months of time.


RuneScape 3 was first mentioned by Mark Gerhard (Mod MMG), Jagex' CEO, in a live "Botting in RuneScape" Q&A stream on the RuneScape's YouTube Channel on September 9th, 2012. He suggested that micropayments, such asSqueal of Fortune, are helping to make a "war chest" (or "fighting fund"), to be able to fund large future projects. Future live streams will include discussions about RuneScape's general future, including possibilities of RuneScape 3.


On November 16th, 2012, it was announced in a special Behind the Scenes that RuneScape 3 was given the name RuneScape: Next Gen. Later on 22 March, Jagex confirmed that RuneScape 3 will be released in the summer in a bonus Behind the Scenes video.