RIFT Going Free to Play on June 12th

On June 12 with the release of Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault, RIFT will be free to play. Every dungeon, every raid, every warfront, every level – the whole world will be open to players new and old with no barriers to entry. For complete details, visit the Free-to-Play page and FAQ, read Daglar's Producer's letter, and tune in to our free-to-play live streams May 17 and May 31!

Free-to-Play Overview – 1:30pm PDT Friday, May 17
REX, Loyalty, & Gifting – 1:30pm PDT Friday, May 31
Dendrome Preview – 1:30pm PDT Friday, June 7
Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault – 1:30pm PDT Friday, June 14
*Recordings will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel following ea