Adjustment of G4k points rate

Due to the recent increase of trading amounts and massive decline of profit per transactions,we made some changes to the member points exchange rate.

We sincerely apologise for changing this matter so frequently and greatly.We hope you can understand that this is not us getting greedy but more reasonable.

The member point system has been an unique way to reward repeat customers and attract new customers since we launched our site.It was targeted for wow only at that time.

Thus all the exchanging rate was based on the profit of wow.We haven't been updating the date much because there haven't been much changes of the games.

As more games are added continuously and more members are intereted in the system,we realise it's time for us to readjust the vip system to a more affordable and steady level.

We are just the middle man over this business who doesn't make much profit,we are willing to share our 10% profit through this rewarding system.

And we do this solely because we want to keep offering you the most competitive price.

Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Following is the details of the updates for games supported member points :


WOW :  1/4K
Diablo 3 : 1/60M

RS :  1/10M

RS 07 : 1/1M
GW2 : 1/15G

SWTOR : 1/200K


Changes have been made to the free CD key exchanging rate as well.

Use this link  for details : http://www.gold4key.com/trade/game-card.html