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Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the Guild Wars series which is currently in development by ArenaNet. The game will feature a new game engine as well as changes to character development and the PvP system.

The official site haven’t announced a specific release date yet, but we will always pay attention to any news about this game.

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Because Guild Wars 2 is a whole new game with different professions and races, new technology, and expanded gameplay, it would not be possible to directly use an original Guild Wars character.

However, your original Guild Wars character names will be reserved for your use in Guild Wars 2. In addition, Guild Wars 2 recognizes the accomplishments commemorated by your original Guild Wars characters in the Hall of Monuments and provides you with unique rewards to showcase those achievements.
If you love MMORPGs, you should check out Guild Wars 2. But if you hate traditional MMORPGs, then you should really check out Guild Wars 2. Because, like Guild Wars before it, GW2 doesn’t fall into the traps of traditional MMORPGs. It doesn’t suck your life away and force you onto a grinding treadmill; it doesn’t make you spend hours preparing to have fun rather than just having fun; and of course, it doesn’t have a monthly fee.

Some information bout leveling progression:
Arenanet looks to be taking some more chances again. This time with their leveling progression. With their system, they're hoping to curtail the grind which rears its ugly head in other MMO's. Here’s the favorite quote from the update "Overall, we expect our content to be the driving force behind how long it takes to do things in-game. Anyone can increase the length of an experience bar and call it content, but our world is filled with an almost endless stream of things to do." Each time you level you will probably unlock some trait 'quest' (there are no quests, but I have no idea what else to call it:P) and a new thing in your personal storyline will open up, so you will just do those and level along the way.