Sales of Star Wars: The Old Republic in the UK fell from the #10 to #38

SWTOR UK sales

According to Chart-Track, sales of Star Wars: The Old Republic in the UK fell from the #10 spot all the way down to #38 in its second week of sales after being released. Now this could be due to many reasons, one being of course the insane sales that take place during the holiday season and since SWTOR is a brand new game there is no sale. So you can argue that people will be more likely to buy the cheaper games.

On the other hand dropping from from 10 to 38 regardless of the reason isn’t a good sign. That basically tells me that everyone that wanted the game probably already bought it and now EA will have to start advertising. I’ve been some large banners in NYC for the game, but I can’t recall seeing one TV commercial for it.

No sales figures for North America have been released yet, but should be within the next day or two.

Also reported today by Baird Equity, a research firm, was that SWTOR has peaked so far with about 350,000 concurrent players online and that the game has had “minimal apparent impact” on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Baird Equity also mentioned that they predict a higher than 2.5% drop in WoW subscriptions for the fourth quarter or 250,000+ players.

Some mixed news for EA and BioWare. Obviously 350,000 concurrently players is a big number, but a drop is sales that large is not a good sign for the growth of the game in the long run. Of course that’s only one week and you really can’t start making predictions off of one week of sales, but it’ll be interesting to see if SWTOR has staying power


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