WOW Patch 4.3 Notes Updated

 Death Knight
Bug Fixes

  • Death and Decay should now function correctly when Anti-Magic shell is active.
  • Dancing Rune Weapon will now properly transfer its initial threat to its master.
  • Dark Command should no longer trigger effects that proc from melee attacks.


  • Wrath has a new spell effect and icon.


  • Fungal Growth now displays an alternate spell effect when viewed by players hostile to the druid.

Bug Fixes

  • Mass Resurrection can no longer be cast in certain shapeshift forms.
  • Balance direction and energy should now be properly reset after zoning or switching specs.


  • Bombardment now only affects the next Multi-shot cast.
  • Resistance is Futile! is now activated by targets affected by Marked for Death.

Bug Fixes

  • Point of No Escape no longer affects melee abilities.
  • The casting bar for Tame Beast should now always indicate the correct cast duration at high values of haste.


  • Combustion’s damage over time can now hit critically.


  • Mages who apply both Glyph of the Monkey and Glyph of the Penguin at the same time will cause the polymorphed target to be randomly transformed into one of the two forms.

Bug Fixes

  • Living Bomb’s interaction with Impact has been cleaned up, and should no longer sometimes fail to spread Living Bomb to new targets. We hope.
  • Combustion will now scale correctly with Living Bomb, Pyroblast and Frostfire Bolt, resulting in an increase in Combustion damage.
  • The reduced effects of Gladiator’s Silk Handguards and Glyph of Arcane Power via the global cooldown should now stack properly.
  • Living Bomb damage over time is now properly affected by Molten Fury.
  • Glyph of Invisibility is no longer removed when another temporary speed increase fades.
  • Portal spells should now all have the same mana cost.


  • Evangelism and Dark Evangelism can no longer be stacked at the same time.

Bug Fixes

  • Echo of Light can no longer be triggered by certain spells before it is learned.
  • Shadowy Apparitions should now benefit from effects on the priest that increase spell damage.
  • Holy Word: Serenity should now properly gain bonus to crit from Test of Faith.


  • Tricks of the Trade has a new sound effect.

Bug Fixes

  • Main Gauche should no longer break effects such as Gouge.

Bug Fixes

  • Chain Heal will now animate properly when it bounces to the shaman.


  • Jinx now increases the target’s rage, energy, focus, or runic power cost of abilities, rather than reducing their generation.


  • Several Rage generating abilities now briefly interrupt rage decay when they are cast.

Bug Fixes

  • Charge (and related abilities) will now function correctly when used immediately after breaking a root effect.


  • Real ID parties that comprise players from different realms can now queue for battlegrounds together.
  • Random and Call to Arms battlegrounds which result in a tie game will now award bonus honor equal to the bonus honor for a loss.

Isle of Conquest

  • Siege Engine’s Steam Blast range has been increased by 50%.

Warsong Gulch

  • Players spawning at the Alliance graveyard should spawn facing toward the middle of the battleground.

Twin Peaks

  • Players should now receive honor at the conclusion of a match that results in a tie.


  • The worgen racial Darkflight has a new icon.
  • The gnome racial Escape Artist now has a spell animation associated with its effect.

General Bug Fixes

  • Many tooltips have been made more accurate.
  • Using #showtooltip in a macro should now cause the action bar icon to become highlight at the appropriate times.
  • Pet bars will no longer sometimes disappear when zoning.
  • Pets should now more reliably keep up with mounted players.
  • Reflected spells are now affected by the resilience of the player that ultimately takes damage.
  • The process of re-integrating mages into Night Elf society has advanced such that Night Elf Mages now receive all racial bonuses, specifically Elusiveness.
  • Secondary debuffs will now more reliably apply to targets which are knocked out of Stealth or Invisibility.