The new Darkmoon Faire is available for testing

 Patch 4.3 - The New Darkmoon Faire is on Test Realms!
It's the first week-end of the month and it means the new Darkmoon Faire is finally available for testing! The new faire is much much bigger than the old one and now has its own dedicated zone, you can enter it through the portals located in the old locations of the Darkmoon Faire (Goldshire, Thunder Bluff, etc ...) 

pon entering the faire, you will be able to buy a Pouch o' Tokens or a Sack o' Tokens for a reasonable price, these tokens are used to play all the games of the Darkmoon Faire. 

More activities are now offered and on the test realms you can currently try: 

  • A target shooting game where you have to score 25 points in 60 seconds.
  • The "Tonk Commander" game, where you have to shoot 30 targets with your Tonk in a set amount of time.
  • A ring tossing game, the goal is to toss rings on the turtle in the playing area.
  • The Darkmoon Cannon is still here, and will require you to trigger a skill while you fly to land and hit a target on the ground/water.
  • The new "Whack-a-gnoll" mini-game seems to be missing from test realms for the moment.
  • The Darkmoon Deathmatch Arena, the name pretty much says it all. Any player entering the Arena will be flagged for PvP and able to fight any other players already there.
  • Profession quests, rewarding you with tickets and a +5 bonus to your profession skill.
  • Last but not least, L90ETC gives a concert every hour!

You can also just walk around the faire and spend your money to buy fireworks or even a balloon from the Balloon Vendor. The faire even has its own zoo with a nice sample of creatures from all over Azeroth on display!

These games will reward you with 
Darkmoon Prize Ticket and after collecting enough of them, you will be able to buy rewards from the Darkmoon Faire vendors.