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Upgrade your RIFT experience! The RIFT Digital Collector’s Edition includes everything that comes with the RIFT Digital Standard Edition, plus these exclusive digital items:

  • Collector’s Satchel: Increase the size of your primary backpack to 24 slots.
  • Ancient Tartagon Mount: Available at level 20, this two-headed turtle mount increases your speed by 60%.
  • Bogling Wastrel: This mischievous, Collector’s Edition-only pet sets you apart from the other Ascended.



The RIFT™ Digital Standard Edition includes:

  • Founder’s Pricing: The opportunity to sign up for our limited-time, discounted subscription plans.
  • Shrouded Sourcestone Rune: Grants +3 Endurance and +10 Death Resist.
  • Companion Pet: Each character you create can choose from one of three unique pets.
  • Beta Access: Play in the remaining beta events.
  • Head Start Access: Play the game before it hits store shelves.
  • Complimentary Game Time: Thirty (30) days of subscription service for new accounts.