Blizzard is Working On 4th WoW Expansion

Blizzard’s systems designer Greg Street confirmed that the fourth expansion is well underway and shared his thoughts about it.


“I think the next expansion will be something more like a new continent approach. More like the Burning Crusade or Nothrend, where we send players somewhere new that they haven't seen before,” he said.

"I think the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are good now, we won't have to mess with them. There might be some small areas that may require polish or changing if things still don't feel quite right."

Furthermore, Greg revealed that design and features for the 4th expansion are "pretty close to locked in. We have a direction now but that's not to say that this is the one true path that we'll eventually deliver on."

The systems designer then acknowledged that the current rate of releasing a large expansion every two years is not enough for “a lot of WoW players”. As a result, Blizzard is considering moving an 18 months release cycle or to an even more frequent release schedule for smaller expansions.



It was rumored that there would be 5-6 expansions to the world of Azeroth, mentioned in an interview by a leading person within Blizzard ("We have made concepts for this expansion, and we already have enough ideas for 5-6 more").[citation needed]

Below are ideas by users where future World of Warcraft expansions could possibly visit after World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the latest announced official expansion. The following are undeveloped regions that have enough content for an expansion pack. These ideas are grouped geographically:

General expansion ideasEdit General expansion ideas sectionEdit

The Council Edit The Council sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Twisting Nether,K'aresh, Unseen outlands parts
  • Related Playable Faction: The Council
  • Related Classes: Raiders, non-specified classes.
  • Related Intelligent/playable classes: Demons (illidan's servants), Arakkoa, Ethereal, Centaurs, Satyrs and Naga
  • Related opposing forces: Burning Legion
  • Resume History: Illidan Stormrage is back with the power of the last vial of the Well of Eternity he took in the past, to escape death, with now Lady Vashj dead and Kael, Illidan reagrouped his forces, and putting Serena Scarscale in the command of his nagas servants, he make a "alliance" with some races that were afected by the burning legion, the horde, the alliance or the cataclysm, he make a path with the ethereals, Arakkoas, and centaurs, and with all his remaining forces, with all of then together he created the Council.

The Emerald Dream Edit The Emerald Dream sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Emerald Dream, Emerald Paradise, Emerald Nightmare, lesser, unfinished Emerald Dreams.
  • Possible new hero classes: dragonsworn, spirit walker, Demon Hunter.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Children of Cenarius, sprite, furbolg, treant, dryad and satyr.
  • Related opposing forces: The Nightmare, Druids of the Nightmare, and the Old God behind it.
  • Nethaera says: "As for the Emerald Dream, there are no plans for anything as of yet but it is a consideration for the future. The Emerald Dream opens up a lot of different opportunities and the Burning Crusade is definitely not going to be the last of the expansion packs. There are many different places and storylines that can be pursued. The story is going to keep growing and as it does so, people will get to experience it."
  • Possible extra stuff: Spirit mounts you can use while corpse running, portals and/or shortcuts to several places in the world. Lore states that powerful druids can obtain supernatural abilities in the Dream, unknown if playable druids are powerful enough.


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The Great Sea Edit The Great Sea sectionEdit

  • Related areas: The Great Sea, South Seas, Maelstrom, Nazjatar, Mak'aru, Broken Isles, Undermine, Zandalar, Tel Abim, Plunder Isle, Gishan Caverns, Gilneas, Balor, and the greater Kul Tiras area of islands.
  • Possible new hero classes: Steamwarrior, techslayer, sailor, pirate, buccaneer, tinker, brewmaster, potion doc, and primal.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Murlocs, makrura,s naga, ogres, half-elves, and high elves.
  • Related opposing forces: Naga, Queen Azshara, and her underwater army. Perhaps also the Elemental Lord Neptulon the Tidehunter. Xavius and the Underworld Minions. Mur'gul. The Stormreaver clan. Some of the other forces in the Great Sea are the Bloodsail Buccaneers and the trolls of Zandalar.
  • Possible extra stuff: Underwater mounts, Underwater dungeons / raids, Swift Aquatic Form (maybe its a shark/penguin), Boat mounts.


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The Other Side of Azeroth Edit The Other Side of Azeroth sectionEdit

  • Related areas: The unexplored side of Azeroth. (Around the back of the Planet)
  • Possible new classes/hero class: Demon Hunter, Primal
  • Related Opposing forces: Naga, Servants of the Old Gods, Old Gods, Some factions of the new continents.
  • Related Professions: Woodworking, Lumbering, Carpenter. (All of these professions could tie in with the idea of Guild Headquarters.)
  • Related Intelligent/Playable races: The Ursura (A highly evolved relative of the Furbolg that took a different evolutionary path many years previously), Unnamed natives of the lost continents.
  • The far side of Azeroth has never been explored. Any ships that have set out to sail there have never returned. But when Azeroth as we know it is on the brink of destruction from the old gods who have begun to awaken, the forces of the horde and the Alliance must send envoys and explorers to call for aid from the lost continents of Azeroth. There they will find not only a previously unknown civilisation, but they will find hope in an age old form encased in the earth, a form that is believed to be one of the legendary Titans.
  • Possible Extra stuff: Player gambling, Underwater Mounts, Swift Aquatic form, Guild Headquarters (Instanced), A new floating city (created by the mages of Dalaran to fly to the new continents.)

Old Gods Edit Old Gods sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Underground Azeroth.
  • Possible new hero class: Runemaster
  • Related opposing forces: Old Gods (at least three remain) and the Twilight's Hammer clan
  • Related professions: Faiths
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Troggs, titans, kobolds, elementals, nerubians, Dark iron dwarves, naga, faceless ones, and qiraji.


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Great Dark Edit Great Dark sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Other planets besides Draenor and Azeroth.


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Pandaria and Pandaren SettlementEdit Pandaria and Pandaren Settlement sectionEdit

  • Related Areas: Pandaria, Pandaren Relaxation Area.
  • Possible New Hero Classes: Brewmaster
  • Related/Intelligent Playable Races: Pandaren


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Ancient Kalimdor (War of the Ancients) Edit Ancient Kalimdor (War of the Ancients) sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Ancient Kalimdor before the Sundering. (Accessed via Caverns of Time)
  • Related opposing forces: Highborne, satyr, Burning Legion, Azotha (primitive humans) aqir, trolls, and infinite dragonflight.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Earthen, furbolgs, Ancients, demigods, night elves, sprites

Old Azeroth (First/Second War) Edit Old Azeroth (First/Second War) sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Lordaeron, Dalaran, Alterac, Quel'Thalas, Old Draenor, Gilneas;
  • Related opposing forces: Mainly Horde/Alliance battlefields;
  • Related intellegent/playable races: ogres, goblins, forest trolls, Wildhammer dwarves;
  • Related enemy bosses: Blackhand, Lothar, Khadgar, Ner'Zhul, Sargeras, Alexstrasza, Deathwing, Orgrim Doomhammer, Zul'Jin;


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Argus Edit Argus sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Argus, the eredar homeworld.
  • Related class: Demon hunter
  • Related opposing forces: Burning Legion, unknown others
  • Related playable races: Broken
  • Related opposing races: Burned ones, felguard, eredar, and infernal
  • Related enemy bosses: Kil'jaeden, Sargeras
  • Possible extra stuff: Guild spaceships, Exodar-looking.

Twisting Nether Edit Twisting Nether sectionEdit

  • Related areas: Other parts of former Draenor, because it is said that Draenor was much larger than Azeroth, so it is probable that Outland is not the only inhabited part. And maybe portals to other worlds that Illidan sealed.
  • Related opposing forces: Burning Legion, The Void, maybe some new currently unknown faction. Gul'dan's surviving death knights.
  • Related playable races: Broken, arakkoa, and ethereal.

Miscellaneous ideas Edit Miscellaneous ideas sectionEdit

  • Draenor (before destruction) via Caverns of Time.
  • K'aresh
  • Xoroth
  • Other portal gates.
  • Other side of Azeroth.
  • Kalimdor before part of it sunk via Caverns of Time.
  • The Fall of Silvermoon in Caverns of Time.