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It was in 2000 that Starcraft was released. Very few people expected the game to actually be played a decade on for its multiplayer. Finally the highly anticipated sequel has arrived. The races have been heavily altered with new units on all fronts. Players will have to adjust to new strategies and new terrain improvements. The graphics are been vastly improved in starcraft 2 cd key. The initial release will feature an extensively long campaign of the Terran. Players will find that Blizzard has introduced multiple endings to the campaign aspect of the game. Players are actually given a choice on how to complete the missions. The story line takes part with players racing to find the truth about the Xel Naga. It continues where Brood War left off.

The story takes place many years after the Brood War expansion pack. Players take part in a vigilante struggle with the lone crusader Jim Raynor. From what has so far been released on the environment players will fight in urban regions to heavy lava exposed islands. starcraft 2 key cd promises a much more intensive campaign than Starcraft. The main struggle for currency in starcraft II will be minerals and vespene geysers. On top of which Blizzard has introduced a special high density mineral crystal which players will have to fight for to gain the advantage. Players are also available to modify the ship or brigade they are stationed on. This is one of the new interface features added to Starcraft II. The entire ship will be accessable. Players will get to interact with characters such as Titus Findley and Zeratul which are key characters in the games plot.

The multiplayer will feature a ladder system which is similar to the experience system. Players will gain experience as the games they place increases. Even though the Terran campaign has been released all races are playable on multiplayer. Blizzard battle net system will still be controlling the multiplayer gateways and players will need original starcraft 2 cd keys to get an account.