Blizzard Official Cataclysm site updated


New info from this preview:

  • Ysera, Malfurion Stormrage, and Hamuul Runetotem lead the charge against the Twilight's Hammer cult, the black dragonflight, and Ragnaros' army of fire elementals.
  • "Players will be able to enter Hyjal by way of Moonglade, to take on a series of high-stakes quests in a historic location alongside some of Azeroth's most renowned heroes."
  • Players must seek the help of the Ancients to save Hyjal due to fractured night elf leadership.
  • New faction: Guardians of Hyjal. They seek to resurrect many of the night elf gods and goddesses slain during the War of the Ancients, including Aviana, goddess of the air.
  • Malorne has been spotted!