Wow gold demand and supply

Many of you have been wondering why the price of wow gold is so low recently ?

What happened to the wow gold market ? Is it dead ?

Will the price raise again and when ?


Well here's some information from forums that may give you some thoughts :


" People are killing the main content boss of the expansion. The new expansion is coming.

People aren't buying gold because they know that it will be a waste to spend gold now. At least on my server we are starting to see people showing up less to raids and such as well. Same thing happened 6 months before BC and 6 months before WoLK. People realize that everything is getting redone in the near future so why invest in the present.

It will come around just give it some time. Might not be until the expansion comes out. My recommendation is start filling your storage coffers. When the expansion comes out and there is a whole slew of new stuff to buy, the demand will go up. "


"On the other hand it is true that most of the people have lost the "new expansion" feeling and resources are less and less in demand. This is why people don't need gold anymore.
I saw a HUGE demand when ICC came out and all the people wanted to buy battered hilts for example...with prices going from 30-40k to over 100k(meh didn't sell but anywayz).

The new minipatch might give a small bump to gold demand but not that much. ICC was the "last breath" this expansion had and with the 1 boss inc raid dungeon it will die.
I am planning on stacking about 50-60k on each of my accounts and then making a plethora of second farmers on other servers. This will help a bit with the presence of the main farmers as well since I'll be switching servers every few days.

This is like the time I stockpiled titanium ores(was not botting back then)....noone wanted saronite anymore....we just needed titanium...we were all looking for the new stuff.

IMHO since Cataclysm isn't even in beta yet I adivse you to do the same. It will be a good 3-4 months till it will be released. Just make some more farmers on your accounts and start stockpiling there as well.
Although low pop servers might not be a good idea at first I might even give them a try since the new expack might bring a plethora of new players to the table. This guys will need funds and fast since they will want to grow as fast as possible and enjoy the new content with their friends.

This are just my thoughts on the current situation.

PS: It has been said on another thread that the supply has gone UP alot.....that is not really the truth....the demand is going down like a rock and this is why there is a huge stock of gold rotting in our banks.
People with private buyers might not agree but even so they should also see a drop in the demand as well.

Anywayz...lets just wait it through and hope for better times."



"It is true that even now making gold is as easy as eating or driving a car....hell its even easyer then breathing. Doing dailies is a HUGE source of income.
Just think about it....you could make 400 or so just by doing dailies...ITS EASY...but then again after the first few days of doing dailies you will be sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over again.
Trust me...been there...done that.
I've have manually leveled about 10-12 toons since I started playing. I loved the game soo much...I've made a shitload of gold just by leveling and doing dailies...but after a bit even the damn HODIR rep dailies became a huge pain in the ass.

And this is the dailies section only....

Now lets look at the farming section...who the hell would be sane enough to farm "for a living" in WoW. This should be read like "Who would farm every single day for a few hours?". The answer is either BOTS or Chinese(since they are already insane). People will make some gold but its really just a tiny bit of gold. They would grow tired of it really fast. I've farmed everything since TBC and WotLK came out...manually and OMG it made my brain go numb just after a few hours...let alone a few days.

And now my favourite way of making gold...the Micro-economy....Wall Street of WoW.
There is just soo...soooo much gold you can make through some management and some spare time. The AH is your friend and if you understand it, its just a insane place to make cash. Ohhh but most of the players suck at playing WoW normally(dungeons and what not)...playing the AH would be just to hard for their brain to understand.

Here is where the gold sellers and we come in.
We offer materials for the economy to work on...we offer the gold for the players to actually afford to buy the finished products....I could say we are the "background engine" of the game....we are the thing that makes the game work from the shadows.

Gold will always be in demand since people can't really play the rest of the game and just want to raid or PvP.

Anywayz...in case you haven't understood why demand has gone down yet...leme just put it to you like this:

You can't go to the beach in the fucking winter . Sure you can go in the spring but the perfect time is the SUMMER.
Just wait for our summer and be patient.  "