Leveling in instances, top tips for fresh 80s

When too much AoE is just too much
Is your AoE technique a nightmare to group with? Here's how to keep your AoE from hamstringing what others (and especially your tank) are doing.


How not to pull aggro
It's far too easy for DPSers to blame the tank for losing aggro, when not pulling aggro is our job. A look at why pulling aggro is the fault of the DPS almost every single time.


Abilities that mess things up
Some abilities are notorious for wreaking havoc when used at the wrong time in a group situation. Don't be guilty of these faux pas.


The juice that powers your character
Arena columnist
C. Christian Moore delves into energy/combo points, focus and rage, then goes on in Part 2 to examine runic power and mana. Even if you're not an Arena player, you might pick up a tip or two from his look at the go-juice that powers your character.


A beginner's guide to the Arena
We'd been waiting to spotlight this entire series for you once it was complete, but it's simply too good not to link now. How to get started in Arena PvP:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 ... and stay tuned for more!


A guide to fighting druids
Druids are dangerous because they do just about everything so well. Here's how to tackle a fight against druids of all specs: bear, moonkin, tree and cat.



A guide to fighting death knights
How do you fight a class that can snatch you out of thin air?
Zack Yonzon shows you how.




Restoration 101
The healing druid's cheat sheet on becoming a reasonably competent healer in a short amount of time.



Gearing the new level 80 elemental shaman
A crash course in what gear you'll want to aim for once you've reached level 80 as an elemental shaman.



Mistakes warlocks make
Warlock columnist
Dominic Hobbs looks at ways for warlocks to up their game.



Misunderstood hunter abilities
Hunter columnist
Brian Wood cuts through the confusion over several frequently misunderstood hunter abilities.



What to do if your account has been hacked
Step by step, here's what to do if your account is highjacked.



Heroics for hunters
A primer for hunters in heroic five-man instances: how your shot rotations change in heroics, mana conservation techniques and how to be a good group member.



Mistakes mages make
Mage columnist
Christian Belt tips you off on what not to do with your mage (or any other class, for that matter).



Enchanting and gemming your mage
Tips for level 80 mages on negotiating the balancing act of enchanting your gear; visit our earlier guide on
gemming for mages.



Playing catchup with shadow priests
Shadow priest specialist
Fox Van Allen shows you how to kick-start your level 80 shadow priest.



How not to be seen
Sneaky, sneaky ... Sometimes getting in under the radar is the better part of valor. Here's how.