Love is in the air in FFXI

For most people, Valentine's Day either means either buying something nice for your partner if you're in a relationship, or staring in silent rage at the endless array of heart-shaped candy boxes if you're single. Unless you're a player in Final Fantasy XI, in which case it means yet another opportunity to get yourself a heart-shaped wand and possibly fulfill your dream of being a magical girl. The not-so-deceptively named Valentione's Day is fast approaching yet again, and as per tradition, the official site has put together a short piece of fiction to commemorate and preview the event.

This year seems to hint at a slight twist to the events of prior years -- while the charm wand has become strongly associated with the event (since that was how one earned it in the first place), it's usually the end reward of the process. The small preview story seems to hint that we'll be called upon to slay more than a few monsters with said wand before everything is said and done... or perhaps it's just a sweet little vignette. Either way, Final Fantasy XI players will get a chance to find out between February 4th through February 15th.