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  • There is currently no confirmation that the lead character will be an existing character in Warcraft lore. Raimi said in his October interview that he wanted to make a film about the game itself, meaning a film that features the land and lore of Azeroth.
  • Chris Metzen said at Blizzcon 2007, that the Warcraft movie will definitely be a war movie, not a quest movie like The Lord of the Rings. Given Rodat was picked for the script, this fits the bill.
  • Metzen also said Thrall will be in the movie during that same panel. This may be subject to change now that Raimi and Rodat are on the film, but Horde fans can hope!


There is no confirmation on a shooting location yet, but rumors at
Ain't It Cool News mention Raimi is in communication with "a certain legendary locale." This may mean that we will soon be seeing more of New Zealand. This would be appropriate given the director's experience there. Raimi was the producer for the television series Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, both of which were filmed in New Zealand. If Blizzard and Legendary Pictures had New Zealand in mind from the start, it may be one of the reasons Raimi was selected for the film.


This is the big question, and unfortunately there is no answer to it yet. When we know, you will.