Why We Still Play World of Warcraft

Calling World of Warcraft a juggernaut would be a gross understatement. Now in its fifth year, its success has exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations, including Blizzard’s. As of December 2008, WOW boasts approximately 11.5 million subscribers and dominates one of the most lucrative genres in video games. These days, its strangehold is so complete that the first question asked of most new massively multiplayer games is not whether they can supplant Warcraft, but whether they can thrive in its shadow.


Millions of people like WOW.com senior editor Mike Schramm have been playing World of Warcraft since it launched. As he explains it, the secret behind its continuing success is fairly simple. “People are still playing it because it’s still fun,” he says, “and with that genius art style, the game can remain timeless.”