World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks


World of Warcraft covers a lot of territory, but here are some general tips from my years of experience playing WoW on such subjects as: the value of a plan, what to save gold for, professions, etc.


I understand you are looking for World of Warcraft tips. Well, this game covers a lot of territory, but I can provide some general tips from my years of experience playing WoW.

Hopefully, the tips I offer here will help you excel and advance your own characters to new heights.

For starters, let's talk about exploring and leveling in general. A lot of people make huge mistakes in how they go about leveling, finding new places, completing quests, all that good stuff. I'd rather not have you make the same mistakes, so listen closely.

Always plan ahead. If your goal is to have an enjoyable ride through World of Warcraft, leveling at a steady pace while remaining within the atmosphere of the game, then a plan is essential.

A good guide will tell you all of the quests you have to complete, in the right order, and the path you need to follow to do it. My guide recommendations are below, but you can also keep notes on a spreadsheet or a notepad.

If you do not have a guide, you will need to plan out the quests that you need to complete at each level and plot your own path.

Setting up where and what you are going to do is best, but not always easy, so at least decide on a general path, mapping out the zones you plan to use at specific level ranges.

You can do this in your head or on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet. For example: when you enter a new zone get all the quests that you can, then do all of those that are in one area of the zone, after you're done with those do the ones that are on the other side of the zone, and only turn them in when your path natually crosses the quest receiver.

Then, once you hit the target level, just zip on over to the closest questing spot/monsters/new zone and continue at a good rate of travel.

If you're new to the game take some time to practice all of your techniques, spells, and skills. Practice on the low level stuff, it's safer. if you learn a new weapon then take the time to practice on it. If you have tradeskills then use them and keep them as high as you can at all times.

Some useful skills are...

  • As you know, red mobs attack on sight. Practice moving around them without attracting their attention. This way you'll learn their "aggro range." You can use this skill to move close to a group of mobs until just one sees you and attacks. Then you run back, kill it, and repeat.
  • A level 16 hunter in the hands of a skilled player can "kite" a level 21 elite boss. (Most characters and most players can't do this, but with practice it's possible.) Kiting is the skill of staying out of reach of the monster and still killing it, either with arrows or spells. Learn to kite, especially if you're a mage.
  • Learn what everything on the screen means and learn how to adjust your camera view as needed.
  • If you find someone who doesn't mind answering questions then go ahead and ask.
  • Read the WoW Forums (forums.worldofwarcraft.com) and you'll pick up a lot of useful info. Try not to get distracted by all the gibberish, though.