Will “World of Warcraft” Latest Update Reignite Your Addiction?

World of Warcraft is once again swallowing all my time with the release of patch 3.3, aka Fall of the Lich King. Aside from the three new 5-man dungeons and first Icecrown raid, there’s a major new feature.

The dungeon finder tool is revolutionary. You select your character type (tank/damage/heals), pick either a randomized or specific level-appropriate dungeon, and are automatically placed just inside the entrance with a fully-assembled team of players.

The dungeon finder works across servers, too, so you’ll often be playing with people from other realms. It ensures that groups come together much faster than just scouring one server. To further sweeten the deal, you get additional gold and emblems each time you run a random instance.

The new tool has been a godsend for low-level players, as it’s now virtually effortless to find groups for older content.

3.3 also brings a very slick quest-tracking tool (removing the need for add-ons) and probably a hundred other little things I’m forgetting.  If you’ve let your account lapse for a while (as I did), the new content and features are definitely worth checking out.

The WoW.com blog has an excellent guide to 3.3 if you’re interested.