World of Warcraft ‘Fall of the Lich King’ Patch Trailer




Blizzard just released their 3.3 patch for ‘World of Warcraft’ and along with the patch comes another epic trailer.


This update includes an all-new raid and winged five-player dungeon; numerous interface improvements, including detailed quest tracking and instant cross-realm dungeons; scores of new quests and achievements; the epic tier-10 armor sets, and numerous class and system updates.






Only Blizzard can actually release a cinematic trailer just for a patch (not a bad thing at all). However, I have to say that in spite of actually wanting to face Arthas, I do feel that when Arthas is finally defeated by players in the game it will definitely change a lot of players to actually keep playing the game.



For me Arthas was probably one the best villain in the game, probably the best villain in World of Warcraft and to say that Arthas will be defeated just like that to make way for Cataclysm is just going to be sad in a way.

Check out the Patch Notes Here