Top 10 Things To Look Forward To In Cataclysm

10-) Guild Overhaul - A guild can feel like your in-game family at times. You tend to like to do things with your "family" before you reach outside and try to find some lowly PuGs and, for the most part, you like the people in your guild. In Cataclysm, they are making the guild an even more cohesive unit. With the expansion, there really isn't much of an excuse to go guildless. There would be too many good things you would be missing out on. So stop being anti-social already!

The most obvious change is that guilds will now level up. As members in the guild do things, such as daily quests, heroics, raids, etc…the guild gains experience. Obviously if you have a big, active guild the experience will come to you rather quickly. As you guild levels up, you will gain guild currency which can be used to purchase a number of neat perks. These abilities will provide advantages to players. So now, I guess I could see raiding on a regular basis being a mandatory part of any guild. I guess that increases motivation for some people to play and also encourages inter-guild activity which is A-OK by me.

I love that WoW is encouraging us to play as a team. It is an MMO after all! Other new features include a possible realm change for your ENTIRE guild – you know, if you guys fucking hate your server and want out and have the cash and also the ability to join a Looking for Guild channel similar to the Looking for Group channel. So, if you suck at making connections, look no further!

Cataclysm gives you more reason than ever to be active in your guild. I am a fan of that.

Guildan - No idea what guild this is, but hey, how ya doin'?


9-) Flight is Everywhere - If you are anything like me, you hate traversing through Azeroth because you cannot fly. Flying is the superior way to get around in WoW. Yes, there are neat ground mounts such as the motorcycle and PVP gained mounts for you to tool around with, but nothing beats soaring through the sky. Well, in Cataclysm you will be able to fly everywhere.

Now, I don't really know specifics. I am sure they will force you to get to 85 and buy some sort of "ruined world flying" ability or some shit like they did with frost flying with Lich King, but being able to fly around the entire world gives you a sense of freedom. The need to purchase flights to places in the old world will totally go away. Why bother? Your epic flyer won't take retarded routes and you can get there quicker. The world will be more yours than ever, and I don't know about you, but I think that is really cool.


8-) Path of the Titans - I really enjoy customization and this new feature seems to encourage it in my opinion. You see, when your character hits level 85, you can join a certain Titan cult in order to choose which path you go on. The paths are not class or role specific, instead you need to figure out for yourself what you are getting into. The reward for doing this are some handy ancient glyphs.

Blizzard said that the Path of the Titans will not be a grind fest and that eventually you will be able to get all of the glyphs for your given path. So basically, when you are choosing glyphs, you don't have to worry too much about what you choose for your given path because you should be able to get that eventually. So there you go, that's something for those of you who are rather indecisive.

Some examples of Ancient Glyphs are, as revealed at Blizzcon: Bleed Reduction, Bandage improvement and increased damage following a crit. It's something that I can't wait to see more about in the final game. Yow, with patch 3.3 almost here, it feels like it is closer than ever, eh?



7-) New dungeons/raids - My favorite part of the past two expansions was discovering the new dungeons the game had to offer. What makes the new dungeons for cataclysm so compelling is that they are all located in the old world. Due to the cataclysmic event that rendered the world asunder, a lot of new locations have been unveiled for your questing pleasure. 5-man dungeons are obviously a lot more simplistic than the 10-man or 25-man raids you may experience, but for me, not much really beats your first time exploring a new dungeon.

Some of the new dungeons have been unveiled. A lot of them, as said, just take place in new areas that the WoW apocalypse have revealed, but one of them in particular has caught my interest. Blackrock Caverns is described by the developers to be something of a return to an old favorite. The locale is very similar to Blackrock Spire, but with some new stuff involved (obviously). The story behind this one is that the are has been taken over by the newly-empowered Twilight's Hammer Cult, now in service of Deathwing.

I would talk more about the return of a couple of familiar instances in heroic form, but I'll save that for a little later. I also would talk more about the Cataclysm raids, but I have pretty much no information on those and thus cannot really say much. Kind of a shame, eh? I love raiding though, and seeing shiny new raids always makes me a happy man. Sure, sometimes it can take a little bit of nerfing and a lot of angry guild members, but in the end it can be fun and rewarding.


Blackrock Caverns - Well, this came up in a search for Black Rock Caverns, so who knows.


6-) In-game launch event - The in-game launch event for Wrath of the Lich King was pretty cool. If you happened to forget, the scourge flat out attacked cities and humbled the world. There were also necropolis spotted all over the world. It helped get your average player excited about the events that were soon to come. I usually don't care much about lore, but when the world around you is literally at war, it's pretty neat.

This one has me even more curious. There is a cataclysmic event that happens to the world of Azeroth, and I wonder if the build up to the expansion will show how it happens exactly? It would be interesting to see forces of the world preparing for some sort of epic showdown and the citizens of the town going crazy because, well, they feel the end of the world is near. How they attack this could be very interesting and I really can't wait to see how they will do this.

I probably shouldn't get too excited about this, because I am prone to disappointment, but with so much potential, it's hard not to get pumped up. For what it's worth, it has already been confirmed to happen…so I guess we will just have to wait and see. It's a shame, what a shame.


Scourge - And nothing of value was lost.


5-) Battleground ranking system - I am sure a lot of you older players miss having your PVP rank displayed proudly alongside your character. I mean, the custom titles they have today are neat, but having weekly titles based on how badass you are is pretty cool too. Well, they are back now…kind of. No, the PVP system will not revert to the old way, but instead it will be altered to help those of us who aren't exactly wonderful at arenas.

Now it is possible to get arena points and stuff through battlegrounds. So if you don't work well as a team or you can't find a winning strategy, this battleground system would work really well for you. You know that one asshole who always complains every battleground no matter what's going on? (Fechmar, I am talking about you buddy) Well…he'll probably still complain, but he'll have less to complain about. When your team loses in battlegrounds, they will not lose points. Instead, you only gain points if you win. Plus, you still get your mark of honor and stuff even if you lose…so it's not like a total waste of time.

It should also be noted that battleground ranking will only be improved through daily BGs. I guess that really isn't a huge issue since, you know, everyone plays the dailies anyhow. I also don't know if Wintergrasp and world PVP events will be integrated into this, but I really can't wait. I play a LOT of battlegrounds and giving me rewards for doing it is pretty fucking cool. This is good for those of you who don't like that arena people get all the good PVP gear. Well, now you BG people can get it too!



4-) New Races - Starting with Burning Crusade, I felt the starting zones for the new races/classes (DK!) offered some of the best content of the entire game. They had very interesting and easy quests. Essentially, the game held your hand to level 20. Honestly, that's a good thing since a lot of the lower level players at the time of the expansion were alts who were trying to rush to 70 (80 for lich king, but the new characters then were starting at level 55).

Maybe I am a masochist, but my absolute favorite part about new areas to play in is how crowded they are on the opening days. The very first day Burning Crusade came out, I hopped on a brand new Blood Elf, and I swear. It was a competition getting each kill. You had people waiting in line to finish quest bosses, it was kind of thrilling. If you create a new blood elf or draenei today, odds are you will see about nobody in those areas. I guess I just can't wait to run around with a goblin or a worgen and see all the lowbies running around.

I also like the little races people start. Who will be the first 85 on your server as a Worgen or as a Goblin? I remember rushing to 70 as a Draenei and again to 80 as a DK. Serves as good motivation to level and is just fun, fun, fun.



3-) New level cap - Speaking of rushing to get to the highest level, I for one welcome our new level cap overlords. It feels like just yesterday that level 60's were the dominant race. I remember seeing people on epic mounts and ducking in fear. I mean, holy shit, who had the money for one of those? Now, level 85's roam the wild and laugh in the face of those silly 60's. Hell, you get epic mounts at 40 now! In your face old guys.

But really, a new level cap is fun because it is fun getting to that new plateau. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. If they gave you the new content without a level cap, I don't think that a lot of people would explore all the new content. What's the point, really? So getting new levels allows you to experience a lot of the terrain the developers made. I guess that was why I was so against people just buying WoW and then buying their high end characters. Maybe it's just me, but if I bought an 80, I wouldn't fuck around with the lower areas unless I was trying to raise my mining or something.

Some people hate leveling their characters, I quite enjoy it. I do quests so it doesn't feel like grinding, but you know, I do like torture. So to each his own.


60 - Those were the days...

2-) Familiar Heroics - Ah yes, heroics. An excuse to get you to replay instances and such that you have already done…but with new loot! It's always kind of fun to revisit places you cleared as a low-end character and play them again with a higher degree of difficulty. The same luxury was not available to the old world, but now with the expansion it will be! Makes sense, considering cataclysm shakes the foundation of the old world, but still…it is good to see.

So far, there have only been two announced heroics from the old world. The first dungeon most of you did, assuming you started with the alliance, Deadmines makes a triumphant return as well as Shadowfang Keep. My very first character I took seriously was a Paladin on Dark Iron by the name of Melthazar that I only got to level 35 or so. I was in the (still around Penny-Arcade guild) Knights of Arcadia. I went on a guild run through that place and have found nostalgic memories over it. Fighting against a souped up Van Cleef would be fun! That boss seems like a joke now, but dammit, he is tired of being laughed at.

I also think this will lead to every old world instance being made into a heroic. This includes two of my favorite instances Zul'Furak and Scarlet Monastery. ZF is one of the best because it lasts about 45 minutes, gets you some decent loot and some decent EXP. It is an instance on steroids and is the epitome of excitement. Scarlet Monastery is divided into sections, all of which I enjoy. They are significantly more fun than other instances you see later on in the old world such as the much hated Uldaman and Sunken Temple (and one a couple of levels under, the even MORE reviled Gnomeregan). I can't wait to see them remade.

It's weird that I complain about rehashing all the time but I am excited about these rehashes. Whatever.


Naked - No reason for naked runs anymore I guess.

1-) Azeroth Reborn - The old world has looked much the same for a long period of time. Goldshire has been and will always be Goldshire. Nothing exciting really goes on in the old world. With Cataclysm, that totally changes. Blizzard says the majority of the world map looks radically different. Areas are totally destroyed, lava is going all over the place, and best of all…the Barrens have been split in two! No longer is it the longest, most boring place in the game – it can be the most boring and the second most boring places in the game! Fuck yes!

But really, seeing the world torn asunder gives players a lot of reasons to explore the world and see what has changed. You have been familiar with Azeroth for long enough, about time you get to see a little bit of spice. I think this was a good alternative to just adding a new island. The obvious question with that is: "Why couldn't we go there before? Did Stormwind not have boat technology to travel north? Were the horde afraid of the cold?" This one is obvious: "AZEROTH HAS BEEN FUCKING DESTROYED." I wonder what the deal will be for people who don't get the expansion? Will they see everything the same? I don't know.

It's going to
be a new world of warcraft and I can't wait to see it.



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