Blizzard Developers Discuss Fifteen Years Of Warcraft


If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft then I guess you’re probably spending most of today logged on and making some serious progress with a character or two. If you fancy a break though, Blizzard has put together a bunch of videos to help celebrate the 5th anniversary of the game and 15 years of Warcraft.



The videos are with different members of the Blizzard team who have helped shape the games and the world over the years. Each interview simply asks the person two questions:

  • What was the moment you realized the Warcraft universe was something special?
  • What was a personal special moment while playing any of the Warcraft games?

The interviewees include lead designer Jeff Kaplan, senior art director Sam Didier, and president of Blizzard Entertainment , Mike Morhaime. In total there are 22 people interviewed with videos to watch and transcripts to read. If you are a big Blizzard and Warcraft fan then they are well worth a watch.



All the videos can be viewed on the World of Warcraft 5-15 Year Anniversary Mini Site