Guide to Pilgrim's Bounty 2009

Pilgrim's Bounty is a brand-new holiday that in 2009 will run between 1:00 am server time Sunday, November 22nd and 11:50 pm server time Saturday, November 28th. Because it's new and there's limited information available on it, expect to see this post updated extensively in the 24 hours after the holiday goes live. We'll have new information on quests, items, and vendor locations, plus screenshots of WoW's newest holiday.

As an FYI, Pilgrim's Bounty is not part of the yearlong meta
What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been, so if you fall short on any of the achievements below, you're not running the risk of having to wait another year for a crack at a violet protodrake. However, you will miss out on the Pilgrim title and plump turkey pet that are rewards for completing the Pilgrim meta.

Let's get started!

"FOOD FIGHT!" (Alliance) and "FOOD FIGHT!" (Horde)

This is a pretty simple achievement that entails bouncing food off another player's head at a Bountiful Table, which I assume will be accomplished via targeting them and right-clicking a food item in your bags or on the table itself.

Sharing is Caring (Alliance) and Sharing is Caring (Horde)

As with "FOOD FIGHT!", this is an achievement done while at a Bountiful Table. I would guess that "passing" a dish will also depend on targeting a fellow player while right-clicking an item in your inventory. The dishes in question seem to be the player-created ones-- all the more reason to make sure you've leveled Cooking. More on this directly below.

Now We're Cookin' (Alliance) and Now We're Cookin' (Horde)

This requires you to cook 5 different (and new) holiday recipes, but in order to do all 5, you will need to have at least 330 Cooking. If you don't have that, some power-leveling is in order before the end of the week. You have an additional reason to get to 330 Cooking as quickly as possible -- you'll need all five of these food items as turn-ins (in quantities of 20) for the holiday's daily quests. While the dailies don't require you to have cooked the food items yourself, not having to depend on someone else will obviously make this easier and faster.

First things first. What I don't know is where you get the actual recipes, but what I do know is that most of the reagents for each can be bought at Pilgrim's Bounty vendors in different capital cities.

The recipes you'll need to cook are:

As a shopping list for the holiday achievements (encompassing Now We're Cookin', Pilgrim's Progress, Pilgrim's Paunch, and Sharing is Caring -- where I assume you "lose" the dish by passing it), plan on getting:

Teldrassil Sweet Potatoes/Mulgore Sweet Potatoes (purchased from Pilgrim's Bounty vendors in Darnassus or Thunder Bluff respectively)
Tangy Wetland Cranberries/Tangy Southfury Cranberries (purchased from vendors in Ironforge or Orgrimmar respectively)
Ripe Elwynn Pumpkins/Ripe Tirisfal Pumpkins (purchased from vendors in Stormwind or Undercity respectively)
Wild Turkeys (from Elwynn or Tirisfal)
Simple Flour (for Spice Bread, purchased from any Cooking vendor)
Mild Spices (for Spice Bread, purchased from any Cooking vendor)
Honey (purchased from Pilgrim's Bounty vendors in any major city)
Autumnal Herbs (purchased from Pilgrim's Bounty vendors in any major city)

While you're out stocking up on Wild Turkeys for achievements, you might as well do --

The Turkinator (Alliance) and The Turkinator (Horde)

What is Turkey Triumph? I have no idea. What you can bank on is that Wild Turkey mobs in both Elwynn and Tirisfal are likely to be heavily camped in the day after the holiday goes live (much in
the same way that egg spawns were camped during Noblegarden), so -- however many turkeys you'll need to kill for Turkey Triumph -- you may want to leave this achievement alone for a few days, or try it during a server's off-hours.

Pilgrim's Progress (Alliance) and Pilgrim's Progress (Horde)

As a recovering academic, I approve of
this achievement title. The achievement sounds fairly simple; complete all 5 of the holiday's daily quests, which will be offered by Pilgrim's Bounty NPCs located around the festival areas outside major cities (and most of which seem to take you to NPCs located around the festival areas of other cities). We don't know right now whether all 5 can be done in a day or whether you're only able to do 1 per day. If it's the former, you should be able to get this achievement done fairly quickly; if not, budget a few minutes for 5 days out of the week the holiday's running to cover each quest.

For Alliance, the quest links are as follows:

  1. Can't Get Enough Turkey: Bring 20 Slow-Roasted Turkeys to Caitrin Ironkettle outside Ironforge.
  2. Don't Forget the Stuffing!: Bring 20 Spice Bread Stuffing to Caitrin Ironkettle outside Ironforge.
  3. Easy As Pie: Bring 20 pieces of Pumpkin Pie to Mary Allerton outside the gates of Darnassus.
  4. She Says Potato: Bring 20 Candied Sweet Potatoes to Jasper Moore outside Stormwind.
  5. We're Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?: Bring 20 servings of Cranberry Chutney to Ellen Moore outside Stormwind.

The quest description for the Pie quest seems to confirm that the Darnassus "feasting area" will be just beyond the main gates, so Horde should plan on having to sprint through Darnassus to reach this for Pilgrim's Peril (see below).

For Horde, the quest links are as follows:

  1. Can't Get Enough Turkey: Bring 20 Slow-Roasted Turkeys to Ondani Greatmill outside Orgrimmar.
  2. Don't Forget the Stuffing!: Bring 20 Spice Bread Stuffing to Ondani Greatmill outside Orgrimmar.
  3. Easy As Pie: Bring 20 pieces of Pumpkin Pie to Marhara Goldwheat outside Thunder Bluff.
  4. She Says Potato: Bring 20 Candied Sweet Potatoes to William Mullins in Undercity's courtyard.
  5. We're Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?: Bring 20 servings of Cranberry Chutney to Roberta Carter in Undercity's courtyard.

The quest description for the Potato and Cranberry Chutney quests seems to confirm that Undercity's "feasting area" will be in the ruins of Lordaeron courtyard above the city and not within, so Alliance doesn't have to worry about having to venture too far into Horde territory here.

Pilgrim's Paunch (Alliance) and Pilgrim's Paunch (Horde)

Bountiful Tables will spawn in or around each faction's capitol city, and at each Table you need to stuff yourself on each holiday dish -- turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pie, and cranberry chutney. The
Spirit of Sharing buff is gained when you eat all five dishes. So for this achievement, all you have to do is run to each of your faction's cities, park yourself at a Bountiful Table, and stuff yourself silly. Lather, rinse, and repeat until you've got all four cities done. What I don't know yet is whether you'll get credit for another Spirit of Sharing buff from another city if you've already got one active, or if the buff stacks with multiple cities.

Spirit of Sharing is one of the more interesting holiday buffs that Blizzard's programmed -- a 10% bonus to all reputation gains for an hour -- and it's also fairly easy to get. If you're working on something like
40 Exalted Reputations or the Burning Crusade tabard grind (as we've previously discussed), try to make sure you're always grinding with this buff up.

Pilgrim's Peril (Alliance) and Pilgrim's Peril (Horde)

The latest in a series of holiday achievements that sends masses of players to their deaths in enemy cities, Pilgrim's Peril requires you to sit at hostile Bountiful Tables while wearing at least one piece of Pilgrim attire. As all those of us who have done achievements like
King of the Fire Festival are painfully aware, this rarely ends well, but sitting should only require right-clicking a bench at a table, and as we've noted previously, there's a chance that most (or all) of the Tables won't actually be located in the cities themselves.

Otherwise, this is an achievement we don't have a lot of particularly helpful information on before the holiday goes live; we don't know exactly how players get pieces of Pilgrim attire, and we don't yet know the specific location of each Bountiful Table around the capital cities. Because there's no achievement linked to getting Pilgrim clothing, there's a decent chance that it will be sold by the Pilgrim's Bounty vendors you'll find in the cities, or possibly received as rewards from the holiday's daily quests.

Otherwise, the same stipulations concerning any achievement you have to do in an enemy city apply:

  1. Try to go during your server's off-hours if possible.
  2. Try not to go alone.
  3. Plan your route in advance and know which cities you'll hit in which order.

Put on a piece of Pilgrim finery, mosey on up to an enemy table, and park thyself. Four enemy cities later, bingo -- you're all set.

Terokkar Turkey Time
(Alliance) and
Terokkar Turkey Time (Horde)

Talon King Ikiss is the last boss of Sethekk Halls, a Burning Crusade dungeon located in the Auchindoun complex of Terokkar Forest. Fortunately, the achievement doesn't seem to care if you defeat Ikiss on normal or heroic, so if you don't have the requisite Honored reputation with Lower CIty to purchase the
Auchenai Key to unlock the heroic version, that doesn't matter. Again, we're not sure how to get Pilgrim attire just yet, but getting a Sethekk run during the holiday shouldn't be tough if you're not able to solo it outright.

Turkey Lurkey
(Alliance) and
Turkey Lurkey (Horde)

This is another one I'm not too sure about, mostly because I have no idea what a Turkey Shooter is. I can only assume it's another vendor-bought item, or a reward from a daily. However you obtain one, plan on tracking down one rogue of each race, which on my server is going to consign me to an endless hunt for troll and dwarf rogues ("Jerry? Be a pal and faction-change for 5 minutes?").