Maintenance for September 22nd already announced

Yeah, believe it or not, unlike last week, when Blizzard didn't confirm the lack of maintenance until somewhere close to midnight pacific time, this week we already have confirmation. There will be extended maintenance from 3 AM to 11 AM pacific this Tuesday.

What does this early announcement mean? To be fair, it could just mean that they already know they're going to need some extra maintenance time to make up for the complete lack of maintenance last Tuesday. Of course, they could also be planning to push out
Patch 3.2.2. Don't take my word for it though, I am 100% just going off a gut feeling. We've been a while without a patch, after all.

Just in case, you'll probably want to
start reading up on Patch 3.2.2 now, and when maintenance day gets here, you'll have plenty to read right here on WoW.com while you wait for your server to come up, or for news on whether or not we're going to see the patch