How to sell wow gold online?

Many of you still don't know how this works,so I think it would be necessary for me to post again although you can find all the answers on our FAQ page .


How to sell wow gold? 

It's really simple .Just contact our online support after placing your order on our site. You don't need to place your order if you have issues since you can always complete the trade by the assistance of our live help .However you won't get any member points unless you are a member !

How does the trade work?

1.We will whisper and invite you to our team.
2.We will meet at the bank of the  Stormwind city for Alliance side, and bank of the Ratchet city for Hord side .
3.There are 2 ways to finish delivery,F2F (face to face ),and GBD (Guild bank deposit),customer support will tell you how .
4.Trade complete,contact us to get the cash or products now!