WoW - Death Knight

Wrath of the Lich King introduces the first Hero class for the game, the Death Knight. Players will not have to convert a character into a Death Knight as first thought, but will have the 'create a Death Knight' ability unlocked when they level a character up to level 55 or over.

A “Rune Resource System” will be implemented instead of Mana or Rage. A DK has runes onto his/her weapon; these runes are from the Unholy, Frost, or Blood trees. Instead of a mana bar, your runes appear beneath your character icon on the interface. This is really just a minor interface change. The real innovation is that the 6 runes that appear on the blade get used up when a Death Knight casts spells or uses abilities. They runes then recharge just like mana, rage, or energy. Use a minor spell, and only one rune is consumed. Use a major nuke and 3 or more runes will be used up. It's an interesting alternative to what Blizzard has done before.

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