World of Wacraft Quest Walkthroughs

Once you’ve created your character and logged into the realm, you’ll start your journey with a quest. In World of Warcraft, quests make the leveling process much faster compared to grinding. With a World of Warcraft Quest Walkthrough, you can do the quests faster. If you’re still not convinced that quests are important in WOW then keep on reading to know more about this aspect of the game that can make or break your gaming experience.


Ask any WOW player if they prefer to do quests or grind for their level and you’ll probably get the same answer. They would likely tell you that it’s better to go questing than grinding for your level. Grinding makes your gaming experience monotonous. You only stay at a spot and kill the same mobs over and over again. You might have mastered killing that particular monster but what else would you learn or seen in the game? Plus, monotony is never fun.

On the other hand, quests lets you discover new places in WOW and learn more about the game. A quest is like a tour guide that gives you an idea as to what is in store within a given area. Some quests would make you go to another region, thus giving you the opportunity to see a new site. Before we continue on with this discussion, you should first know what a quest is and where to get it. Quests in the World of Warcraft are tasks given by a NPC with an objective and directions as to where and how to do it.