Grind to Gold

Gold is an important element in the World of Warcraft (WoW). In fact it is so big a deal that players seriously worry about how to get them. Gold is needed to buy some cool items and rare artifacts that boost a character’s attributes, qualities, and skills. One needs gold to pay for special services such as putting enchantments on a character’s equipments. And there are many ways, when it comes to harvesting some gold. One of these is grinding.
Grinding has been the most effective and inexpensive method when farming for gold in the WoW. With that being said, grinding is also a time-consuming venture, a reason why most WoW gamers prefer to buy WoW gold online than spend considerable periods of time blitzing through hordes of monsters to gain something for the money bag.
Still, a lot of hardcore WoW gamers, even the advanced ones, have pledged loyalty to the grinding tactic when it comes to gold farming. Focusing on heavy grinding, however, redirects players from the adventures and other unique features of the game itself. But then, if it is all about the gold, then players might as well troop to the nearest grinding camps in the map.

For beginners and advanced novices (Levels 0-20), it is safe to grind in friendly, non-contested areas. Characters with level 20-26 can perform quests as these are the money makers during these stages. But once a character reaches level 26, that is when the real grinding for the gold starts.

There are several gaming guides developed by followers of the game that list down the hotspots for grinding. Camping there may not be as fun or as entertaining, but these are the places where WoW gold abounds.

Levels 20-26: Duskwood and Hillsbrad Foothills
Levels 30-35: Hillsbrad Foothills / daggerspines; Purgation Isle / undead
Levels 34-37: Desolace Islands / Naga and sea giants
Levels 36-46: Badlands / rock elementals and scalding whelps
Levels 40-46: Tanaris / Wastewander humans and Dunemaul Ogres
Levels 47-49: Searing Gorge Cauldron / elementals
Levels 49-52: Dead Village in Felwood
Levels 52-54: Burning Steppes / Ogres
Levels 53-58: Winterspring / Ghosts
Levels 53-58: Plaguelands / undead
Levels 59-60: Blackrock Stronghold (recommended for Rogue) / casters.